March 01, 2009

2x4 Shed Floor Framing?

It's not a good idea to cut corners on shed floor framing. Think of how much of a pain in the neck it would be if your shed flooring collapsed ...

Aaron wrote:

I want to build a 8 by 8 storage shed. Can I use 2by4 for my floor framing instead of 2by6? Will it be strong enough? They're treated wood and I'm using three 4by4 treated wood underneath for skids.

Ouch. I'd really prefer not to use 2x4 lumber for floor framing and quite honestly would go for 6x6s for the skids. If you are stuck with using what you have, it might not be a bad idea to double up your flooring and lay a second sheet of plywood over the first layer.

No matter which course you chart, make sure you're on dry level ground. Take the time now and you'll save the the potential heartache later ...

Posted by geekbooks at March 1, 2009 12:14 PM

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