October 22, 2009

A Shed That Looks Like an Outhouse

We get some unique requests for information and shed plans, no doubt about that ...

Teri wrote:

I am looking for plans to build a storage/garden shed. Basically to hold rakes, shovels, lawn mower, etc. I'm thinking about 8 X 8 or 8 X 10 in size. Here's the catch, I want it to look like an old time outhouse. With the moon in the door and everything. Got any ideas? I have searched many websites and have not found anything that seems to work out yet. If you have any suggestions I would really appreciate it.

A square footprint might be a good place to start. With an eight foot by eight foot gable or hip roof plan, you'd be headed in the right direction.

Headroom is extra important ... that extra height will lend to the outhouse-like appearance. A six foot high sidewall will not be tall enough. Think tall!

The basic shed plans might be overshadowed the way that the structure is trimmed out. The finish trim is where this project will come together. A moon cut into the door would be sweet ... you might echo this design motif in the window shutters, as well. If you're not handy with a jigsaw (and don't want an actual hole in the door), you can always paint a faux crescent.

Take some time to review photos on Flickr or other public sites for design inspiration. Apply those design details to photographs of sheds, and drop the images into photos of your backyard to see how they work with the landscape.

Posted by geekbooks at October 22, 2009 05:00 PM

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