September 25, 2003

All Politics is Local

That's a quote often attributed to the late Thomas P. (Tip) O'Neill, Jr., former Speaker of the House. But Tip didn't coin the phrase ... it was passed down to him.

Tip revealed the true attribution of the quote In his 1987 autobiography, Man of the House. Tip's father, Thomas O'Neill, Sr, shared this wisdom on the occasion of the only election loss in his son's lifetime--a run for the Cambridge City Council.

"This was the only race I ever lost in my life, but in the process, I learned two extremely valuable lessons. During the campaign, my father had left me to my own devices, but when it was over, he pointed out that I had taken my own neighborhood for granted. He was right: I had received a tremendous vote in the other sections of the city, but I hadn't worked hard enough in my own backyard. 'Let me tell you something I learned years ago,' he said. 'All politics is local.'"

So what brings on this political ramble?

A friend of mine is running for Montgomery Township Committee. While Hugh's a Republican, rather than a Democrat, he shares Tip's heritage and commitment for doing what's right.

I'll share Tip's second valuable lesson sometime soon ...

Posted by geekbooks at September 25, 2003 12:00 AM

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