October 15, 2010

Can an iPhone App Lower Your Blood Pressure?

I've been off my blood pressure medicine for about three months now, and I'm not dead yet. Staying away from the bad foods (for the most part) and making a concerted effort to eat foods that are known to lower blood pressure is half the battle. But it's not always easy to stay on the wagon ... over the past few weeks my diet slipped and I started getting headaches again. I had become lax about eating the right stuff (things like spinach, bananas, soy, and sunflower seeds).

My blood pressure monitor had begun to collect a bit of dust, as well. When the headache hit its third day, I strapped on the BP monitor and quickly understood my brain hurt.

My blood pressure had risen to 140 over 90 ... not crazy high, but high enough to give me a constant headache. While Advil or Excedrin would cut the pain, the underlying cause remained. I knew I needed to get my blood pressure back down again.

I thought about picking up a Resperate device, but balked at the price tag.

That got me thinking ... since high blood pressure is incredibly common ... there had to be an iPhone app that replicates much of the Resperate's function. A little digging in the App Store, and I found something suitable.

Indeed, there was an app for that ...

I paid my $1.99, downloaded "Breathing Zone" and immediately put it to the test.

Breathing Zone is a simple and effective guided breathing exercise. In just five minutes you can start to enjoy the deep relaxation and other health benefits of slow therapeutic breathing.

After just a few sessions with Breathing Zone, I'm impressed. No question about it ... there's (more than a little) something to be said about deep controlled breathing. It simply works.

I was able to drop my blood pressure as low as 117 over 62 by going through the simple routine of matching my breathing pattern to the pulsing graphic and soothing aural ques. This has made a profound change in the way I'm going about lowering my blood pressure.

My goal is to stay in the 110 over 60 range simply by focusing on breathing, lowering stress and eating the right foods. If I throw in a bit of regular exercise for good measure (and lose that twenty pounds), I'll be on the right path.

Posted by geekbooks at October 15, 2010 09:01 AM

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