The Geekbooks Glossary - geek:defined

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Appointment Scheduling Software

Audience Polling

Business Intelligence

Computer Forensics

Contract Management Software

Data Acquisition Systems

Dedicated Server Hosting

Demo Software

Document Management Software

Ecommerce Hosting

Enterprise Instant Messaging

Enterprise Portal

Email Marketing

Email Monitoring

ERP Software

Executive Dashboards

Fleet Management Software


GPS Tracking

Help Desk Software

Industrial PCs

Inventory Control Systems

Membership Management Software

Network Fax Server

Network Monitoring Software

Network Security

Online Meetings

Performance Management Software

Point of Sale Systems

Predictive Dialers

Recruiting Software

Sales Force Automation

Satellite Phone Systems

Software Testing

Supply Chain Management Software

Surveillance Systems

Time and Attendance Systems

Web Survey Software

WiFi Hotspots

Wireless Security

Workflow Automation