September 26, 2004

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is an inspiring technology. Of course, it can inspire hope or fear, depending on your situation. Sure, you can be found, but hey, you can be found out, too. Whether you're a teenager or professional trucker, GPS tracking lets big daddy (or big brother) know exactly where you are at any moment. GPS tracking systems can report the exact date, time and location, while providing data on vehicle speeds and the routes taken ...

Kind of scary stuff, if you think about it.

I began looking into GPS tracking technology while researching fleet management software earlier this month. I was amazed at what I turned up.

If you want to track a wayward spouse, child, or significant other, all you need to do is flash that plastic and you too can have your very own GPS vehicle tracking system. A vehicle GPS tracking system can cost anywhere from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars, depending on the specifications. Install the gear into their car surreptitiously and, holy cow, it's better (or worse) than having eyes on the back of your head.

But it gets even crazier then that.

You don't even have to buy and install GPS tracking equipment.

If the person you want to track uses a Motorola i830, i710, i730, i88s or i58sr cell phone on either the Nextel, Southern LINC, or TELUS Mobility networks, you can track them through their cell phone, via uLocate. The service will even send SMS messages or email when a cell phone enters or leaves a specified location. uLocate's GPS tracking service costs $10.95 for the first phone. GPS tracking on multiple phone accounts costs $7.95 per phone, up to ten phones.

If a loved one gives you one of those Motorola phones as a gift, remember to look it in the mouth.

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