July 18, 2010

I stopped taking my blood pressure medication

I've been on blood pressure medication (Atenolol) for years. But I wasn't happy about the side effects, so I kicked it. The process took place over a month or so, as I cut my dosage back ... first in half, then in half again, then finally to nil.

My blood pressure numbers were excellent while I was on Atenolol. But I could never figure out why I felt the way I did each day ... until I started reading about what the drug did (that it shouldn't be doing). It was long past time to fix things.

So I've been checking the numbers with my blood pressure monitor nearly every day of late. I can tell when it's on the high side, before I strap the monitor on my arm.

Each time I cut back on the dosage, I expected headaches. I didn't get any of note until after I cut back to nothing. A few doses of Excedrin got me through those days. It appears that I've conquered the withdrawal process.

There are reasons why the numbers rise and ways to lower them. Some of the measures are chemical, but many are not.

I'm continuing to look into ways I can go about lowering my blood pressure without medication. I don't want to replace a prescription with either a herbal blood pressure medication or some sort of OTC blood pressure medication. Why substitute one pill for another?

I don't buy into the concept that a pill is always necessary to fix something ... especially when it can be fixed through changes in lifestyle and diet. Perhaps most folks are simply unwilling to give up the food that is killing them.

Don't count me in with the unwilling majority.

Posted by geekbooks at July 18, 2010 06:04 PM

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