daniel gray's shed of geekbooks http://www.geekbooks.com/ from somewhere in the swamps of joisey: big daddy geekbooks ramblings on sheds, barns, tikis, software, soccer jerseys, and cool stuff ... en-us 2013-11-25T11:34:57-05:00 What do you do for a 15 Year Anniversary? http://www.geekbooks.com/what_do_you_do_for_a_15_year_anniversary_645.html It's hard to believe that nearly fifteen years have passed since I penned The Complete Guide to Associate and Affiliate Programs for McGraw-Hill. A lot of water's flowed under the bridge and plenty of cash has burned its way through... affiliate geekbooks 2013-11-25T11:34:57-05:00 Black and Decker 24V String Trimmer = Meh http://www.geekbooks.com/black_and_decker_24v_string_trimmer_meh_644.html I've owned a bunch of string-trimmers over the years, too many of which were sub-standard. When a cheap string trimmer goes south, the tendency is to go out and purchase another inexpensive unit. I fell into that trap too many... sheds geekbooks 2012-07-11T13:04:57-05:00 Is Your Shed Filled With Scrap? http://www.geekbooks.com/is_your_shed_filled_with_scrap_643.html Sheds provide the cloak of invisibility for a multitude of items. Once safely stowed inside, your stuff can sit for years, away from prying eyes. But as the old adage goes, away from sight, away from mind only lasts so... geekbooks 2012-02-29T08:26:54-05:00 From Geekbooks to Gas Mileage? http://www.geekbooks.com/from_geekbooks_to_gas_mileage_642.html I've been lucky over the years. Not big-time, lottery-winning lucky, but fortunate in my chosen career. To earn one's living as a writer is a wonderful thing, though it can be a grind when the process becomes an assembly line.... cars geekbooks 2011-12-21T10:26:14-05:00 Irene's a Pain in the Lower Back http://www.geekbooks.com/irenes_a_pain_in_the_lower_back_641.html It's been quite a while since I've mentioned my basement, but I'll get into that in the next post. For now, let it suffice to say that Hurricane Irene continues to be a huge pain in the lower back. We... health geek geekbooks 2011-09-07T10:43:54-05:00 YouTube Posted Videos Have Low Sound? http://www.geekbooks.com/youtube_posted_videos_have_low_sound_640.html I've been banging my head against the wall with YouTube sound problems on some of my uploaded videos for eons now. Volumes are fine on one computer and way too low on others. Some production deets: I use a standard... digital video geekbooks 2011-05-04T15:33:42-05:00 Time to Replace the Shed? http://www.geekbooks.com/time_to_replace_the_shed_639.html Although Neil Young's Long May You Run was clearly written about a car, I'm thinking that it kinda relates to my shed right now ... We've been through some things together With trunks of memories still to come We found... sheds geekbooks 2011-01-21T16:26:52-05:00 Cordless Electric String Trimmers: Are They Worth It? http://www.geekbooks.com/cordless_electric_string_trimmers_are_they_worth_it_638.html While a lot of different tools have found their way in and out of my shed over the years, string trimmers are the bane of my existence. I can't count the total number of string trimmers I've owned, but up... sheds geekbooks 2010-10-16T13:50:32-05:00 Can an iPhone App Lower Your Blood Pressure? http://www.geekbooks.com/can_an_iphone_app_lower_your_blood_pressure_637.html I've been off my blood pressure medicine for about three months now, and I'm not dead yet. Staying away from the bad foods (for the most part) and making a concerted effort to eat foods that are known to lower... health geek geekbooks 2010-10-15T09:01:04-05:00 Building a Shed: Trading Time for Money http://www.geekbooks.com/building_a_shed_trading_time_for_money_636.html There's a lot to be said for building your own shed. When you build a shed yourself, you get to pick the exact design and materials. You get the sense of pride of having put it together stick-by-stick and the... sheds geekbooks 2010-09-26T23:56:57-05:00 How Much Can You Get Built in One Day? http://www.geekbooks.com/how_much_can_you_get_built_in_one_day_635.html Before you start a project, you inevitably want to know when you'll get done. It's often impossible to accurately project how much you'll get done each day, hence the constantly moving target. Finding an accurate way to forecast is the... sheds geekbooks 2010-09-19T16:56:26-05:00 What's Behind the Shed? http://www.geekbooks.com/whats_behind_the_shed_634.html Sheds are great places to store stuff. They're also great for concealing things ... even things that are too big to fit inside. The inside of my shed is crammed so full, I've taken to hiding junk behind the shed... sheds geekbooks 2010-07-25T23:52:33-05:00 How Much Money Do You Waste Printing Stuff? http://www.geekbooks.com/how_much_money_do_you_waste_printing_stuff_633.html How much money do you spend on inkjet printer cartridges each year? I know I'm throwing out way too much on the blasted things. While you can try to stick to a reduce/reuse/recycle mindset, there are some things you just... conspicuous consumption geekbooks 2010-07-21T10:17:40-05:00 I stopped taking my blood pressure medication http://www.geekbooks.com/i_stopped_taking_my_blood_pressure_medication_632.html I've been on blood pressure medication (Atenolol) for years. But I wasn't happy about the side effects, so I kicked it. The process took place over a month or so, as I cut my dosage back ... first in half,... health geek geekbooks 2010-07-18T18:04:25-05:00 How Much Lumber Do I Need to Build a Shed? http://www.geekbooks.com/how_much_lumber_do_i_need_to_build_a_shed_631.html Tuba what? 2x4? 2x6? 2x8? What kind and type of lumber do I need to buy to build my shed? Building a storage shed can be a daunting process for first timers. If you've never tackled a construction project before,... sheds geekbooks 2010-05-02T09:50:29-05:00