February 29, 2012

Is Your Shed Filled With Scrap?

Sheds provide the cloak of invisibility for a multitude of items. Once safely stowed inside, your stuff can sit for years, away from prying eyes. But as the old adage goes, away from sight, away from mind only lasts so long. At some point you realize that you don't really need all the junk that's strewn about the floor, hanging from the walls, and tucked up in the rafters. One day you open the door to your backyard shed and start looking at all those objects with a cold eye.

The price of scrap metal rides up and down with the world economy. As things heat up, prices rise. That's prime time to get the lead out ... along with the steel, copper and aluminum.

It can be tough to visualize the true current value of an object - whether as an object that's intended to perform a function vs its value as scrap metal. That old mowing deck from a lawn tractor that left the ranch years ago will never again fulfill its function trimming the grass ... but it can surely create a little green and free up a whole bunch of floor space.

Scrap metal recycling is a huge business. There are firms in your area that would be more than happy to haul away the scrap metal that's sitting in your shed and tucked away in your garage. They're glad to cart your stuff, because they know they can fetch a decent reward for their efforts.

There are also plenty of companies that will charge you to haul away your stuff. They provide a valuable service, while reaping the rewards on both ends. You're paying them to pick up your junk, just as sure as they're being paid to bring in the scrap. The compensation for their efforts can be considerable. America's natural resources are being dug from its sheds, not just the ground.

Posted by geekbooks at February 29, 2012 08:26 AM

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