October 24, 2009

List of Free Shed Plans

I've dug up the links to a bunch of free shed plans over the years, but the problem is that the links tend to break over time. While I haven't been able to spend as much time tending to the site as I have in years past, I've been fortunate to stay in contact with some great folks.

I was about to head out on the road last week, when Donald Berg sent the news that he'd created a new page listing a slew of free shed plans, but I promised to mention it as soon as I got back to the ranch ... a week later and I'm still mopping up the to do list.

While free shed plans can often be plain and even ungainly, there are some real gems in this list. Progressive Farmer's potting shed plans feature a trio of windows, a dutch door, and a generous overhang.

There are three sweet wood shed plans, with a roomy colonial design from Popular Mechanics, a 4x8 saltbox from Mother Earth Magazine, and a compact lean-to design from Black & Decker.

Posted by geekbooks at October 24, 2009 09:38 AM

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