September 20, 2009

Shed as Backyard Hangout?

No matter if your crew is young or old, sheds make great backyard hangouts. The shed's informal and rustic nature inspires relaxation. There's no putting on airs. Just kick back and crack open a cold one ...

Faraz wrote

Hi, I'm looking for something in the 11 x 26 market max and what I'm looking for is sort of a "mini-room" to serve as a hangout spot for me and my friends. I was looking to get a concrete floor and part of the room to be a sun room with an attached porch. Is there anything like that available?

There are lots of possibilities, from premanufactured through custom-built ... it all comes down to your individual budget. 11x26 is a bit of an odd size, though. You'll find most of the ready-made structures and kits to be standardized on 10 or 12 foot widths. If you're custom building, however, anything goes

An insulated concrete slab and south facing glass can work together as passive solar heating in the colder months. With enough southern exposure (and proper insulation) your hangout can warm up over the course of the day and the insulated concrete slab will radiate the heat back out to the room into the evening hours.

Posted by geekbooks at September 20, 2009 01:01 AM

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