...stuff I wrote (a chronological dig)

Here's a page of titles I've worked on over the years.


2001-2004 Sybex rocks

Creating Striking Graphics with Maya and Photoshop

July 2004 - Produced for Maya Press, Creating Striking Graphics with Maya & Photoshop, is surely the most gorgeous book I've ever put out. Of course, the vast majority of the artwork isn't mine. It's a coffee table book, not a tutorial.

The Art of Cartooning with Flash

November 2001 - The best book I never wrote. :) The Art of Cartooning with Flash, was penned by John Kuramoto and Gary Leib of Twinkle (yep, the folks responsible for the fantastic animation work in American Splendor)... I merely helped them get their genius to print, working more as an editor then as an author. If you want to make cartoons with Flash, you owe it to yourself to read this book.

1999 McGraw-Hill! It's the big time!

The Complete Guide to Associate & Affiliate Programs on the Net
- Turning Clicks Into Cash

November 1999 - Yes Virginia, you can make an honest buck from your Web site. Affiliate marketing is hot stuff. This book turns down the hype level, as it delivers cool facts, solid advice and engaging profiles. No spam, no scam, no sleeze -- just great information and tactics to turn your site into a profit-generating machine. 100% snake-oil free!

1998-2000 Into the Void with the Coriolis Group

Adobe LiveMotion f/x and Design

2000 - My last Coriolis book. I put this one to paper after a very cool stint working with the Adobe LiveMotion development team. At long last, I had a book with a flaming eyeball on the cover. Coriolis went down in flames in 2002, owing lots of money to their former authors (including me). Meanwhile, their parent company, Haights Cross Communications pulled in over $100 million for the previous year, the bastards. There oughta be a law ...

Looking Good On The Web

October 1999 - Folks kept telling me that the world needed a brand new introductory book on Web design. Well, here it is. Looking Good On The Web focuses on the common sense basics of building a great little site. It doesn't get bogged down in program specifics or high-end HTML hijinx. If you're just heading off into the world of Web design, this is a great place to begin your voyage.

Adobe ImageStyler In Depth

April 1999 - Adobe cranks out a new killer Web graphics tool and I'm the first ice cream man on the beach, on a hot August day. Once I started working with ImageStyler, I decided to quit my dead end day gig and write this book. I've never regretted it.

Adobe PageMill 3 f/x and Design

1998 - My first book for the Coriolis Group had the distinct pleasure of being the first PageMill 3 book on the shelves. This one is a comprehensive update to my earlier PageMill 2 book and features a full color gallery of PageMill Sites Done Right from around the world along with a CD-ROM packed to the gills with powerful Web software demos for Mac and PC.

1996 - 97 those crazy Ventana years

The Photoshop Plug-Ins Book:
Category Listings, Instructions & Examples

1997 - Whoa! A candystore of graphic goodies. There's more information on commercial Photoshop Plug-Ins (and demo software) than ever assembled! Thankfully, I had lots of contributions from folks throughout the industry, including Sam Moore, Erik Coker, Lynn Finch and Mike "king of all scanners" Paternoster.

Official Palace Tour Guide :
Experience Visual Virtual-World Chat on the Internet

1997 - If you haven't been to the Palace, by all means,check it out. The Official Palace Tour Guide is really a Spingo (James Barnett) book. I got lucky when the publisher asked me to help finish it up. There are also some great guest chapters from Finchy and Dr. X.

The Comprehensive Guide to CorelWEB.Graphics Suite

1997 - I co-authored this one with my buddy John Shanley, who also worked with me on the last two editions of Inside CorelDRAW! Kare Grams penned a chapter, too. As soon as this book rolled off the press, Corel stopped marketing the product, in favor of the Corel WebMaster Suite. Hewlett-Packard bundled the CorelWEB.Graphics Suite with some scanners.

Web Publishing With Adobe PageMill 2:
The Ultimate Guide to Designing Professional Web Pages

1996 - I fell in love with PageMill when I first saw it at MacWorld Boston, in August 1995. I'd been coding HTML by hand since that spring. When Ventana started talking to me about doing a PageMill book a few months later, I was psyched! We waited until PageMill 2.0 was percolating before really rolling, while I laid a solid foundation of Web how-tos and how-comes. There's also a cool little interview with Jaime Levy.

Looking Good Online :
The Ultimate Resource for Creating Effective Web Designs

1996 - For the second time in my career, I was called in as the fireman. Ventana tapped me to write a couple of chapters and do some editorial stuff.

1990-94 - the New Riders years

Inside CorelDRAW! 5

1994 - A ton of folks worked on this book (my last for New Riders), including Gary Bouton, John Faunce, John Shanley, and Cheri Robinson. The publisher was out of control by this point, and hence, I had no clue about half of the chapters that made it into print. This one is a monster, weighing in at well over 1200 pages. After five years and six editions, it was kinda sad to see the title die, but I was glad to be out from the albatross ... it had grown far too unwieldy.

Inside CorelDRAW! 4.0

1993 - This was the last CorelDRAW book I wrote that I felt I had some control over. I worked with my pals John Shanley, John Cornicello, and Ed Fleiss. Deadlines, as always, sucked ... Corel was committed to their yearly ship schedule at this point. Hey, we shipped on time, too.

The Fonts Coach

Cheri Robinson wrote this one when she was at New Riders. Another party had agreed to write a couple of chapters. When he went AWOL, New Riders asked me to step up to plate as co-author and knock out the chapters. So I did. It was a decent gig, but to this day, I've never seen a copy of the book (NRP sent me a nifty plaque, tho).

Inside CorelDRAW! (3.0) Fourth Edition

1992 - This version 3.0 book, written with Steve Shubitz, was the biggest seller of the run. Steve and I knocked ourselves out. And once again, we made it into the channel faster than the crowd. Whoo hooo!

Inside CorelDRAW! (2.0) Special Edition

1991 - New Riders wanted to pump up the version 2.0 book, and asked me to create a special edition. It was very well received. I continued to stress that folks build artwork that would actually RIP. What a freakin' concept.

Inside CorelDRAW! 2.0

1991 - I burned through this one in record time and got into the channel faster than anyone else. CorelDRAW! 2.0 was a cool update, and my favorite version of the program for years. As I wrote about newer versions, I kept working in version 2.0.

Inside CorelDRAW!

1990 - When I signed to write the first edition of Inside CorelDRAW!, New Riders was a funky little publisher, based in Gresham, Oregon. Writing the CorelDRAW! 1.0 book was a great experience that got me hooked. This was when first I hooked up with my buddy Gary Cartwright and discovered how to really build vector artwork. The folks that I worked with in Gresham were absolutely wonderful. No sooner did we hit the street then Corel rolled out CorelDRAW! 2.0 at Fall Comdex.


Adobe ImageStyler In Depth + Adobe PageMill 3 F/X and Design

Web Publishing With Adobe PageMill 2 + The Comprehensive Guide to CorelWEB.GRAPHICS Suite
The Official Palace Tour Guide + The Photoshop Plug-Ins Book

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